ree*rosee webshop にご訪問いただきありがとうございます。

当ショップは、イラストレーター ree*rosee が描いたイラスト・デザインを


Dear customers overseas,

Thank you for visiting my webshop.
this shop is open irregularly. now it's closed.

this webshop is suitable for only in japan, because credit card overseas isn't acceptable
and there's no selection of shipping method for overseas at this webshop system.
if you’d like to purchase my products, please order by email (reerosee@gmail.com).
about payment method, please use paypal.

Please let me know the following things.
1_which products and how many?
some stocks are limited, if you find favorite please let me know asap.
I'll check the stocks and keep it for you.
2_shipping method (EMS or airmail)
3_which country to ship

I'll reply email about detail.


thank you for having interest in my artworks.
but please refrain buying my products at taobao's shop, which reselling my products.
I sell my products at my own webshop (here), creema (https://www.creema.jp/c/reerosee/item/onsale)
and some dealer shops in Japan.
I don’t deal with any taobao shop and don't permit to resale my products.
if you'd like to purchase my products, please order by email directly.

thank you for understanding.

★To resellers (at taobao shop) & buyers (people in japan helping the resellers),

as I’ve been telling for the long time, it's forbidden to resale my products.
I feel uncomfortable that my products are reselling, also some people order
at my webshop and send them to the resellers.
also don't use my artworks images for reselling buisiness.
these behaviors are stress for me so much.
I want to stop this vicious circle.
if don't stop, I'll show the reseller’s taobao shop, SNS accounts.